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May 23, 2024
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Good afternoon

I’m reaching out to see if those with a better understanding and knowledge base would and or could give me some useful information. So my roommate adopted/ rescued a frenchie puppy that seems to have some genetic problems. I wanna make sure the poor girl ain’t suffering or anything. She is very lively try’s to play like a regular puppy would eats, drinks everything normal but 1) she has no fur at all she has slight peach fuzz in some places but very little she’s just skin that seems to be very dry. 2) she has an abnormally large misshapen head. Also respiratory wise she seems to breath real hard and snorts A LOT. She barks perfectly normal as well. Below are some pictures I took today. I just wanna get an understanding if anyone has seen this before in this breed or not.
Thanks in advance for all your help. IMG_1991.jpegIMG_1990.jpeg
Sadly, very bad breeder. Make sure she is tested via skin scape for mites(mange) that can cause the fur loss and itching and also find a bulldog experienced vet… that is very important for the breathing issues. Praying for the sweet little girls healing