A Big Hello From GusGus & I


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Aug 6, 2013
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Gus and I are New Members and we wanted to pop on and say hello!
Gus is my fawn Frenchie who is quite a character and a mama's boy.
We are from South East Iowa.
We are excited to be here and read stories/look at pictures.


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Hello April and GusGus!!! So very nice to meet you! What an adorable photo, I just LOVE it!
Welcome April and Gus! Gus is such a handsome boy and quite the dapper dresser! I'm looking forward to lots of cute pictures and stories from you two!
Welcome to the site and so happy you joined, love your pic too.
What a great picture...... hello and :welcome: to you both!
I might be mistaken but is GusGus dressed like Where's Waldo?! Hehehe, what a character can't wait to see what other costumes he might have. :)
Welcome to the site! We are state neighbors :) Eastern Nebraska here.

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