Any other blue fawn members?

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Nov 10, 2013
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I'm wondering how uncommon the blue fawn really is? I have not seen another one in my area.
. Some questions were placed about the pricing and rarity of them, I think there may be one member -- i think
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Ollie is a handsome boy! I'm not sure, but I don't think I've seen a blue fawn Frenchie before. I remember some comments about blue brindle.
I was reading last night and saw a thread about Blue's. It seems most were not thrilled with the color since it's not recognized by the AKC. The blue is also known as "mouse" and unfortunately is not recognized but like all things that are new it takes time to get enough interest to evoke change. As I recall the British version of the AKC did not recognize the "Bat Ears" that we now have grown to LOVE about this breed and the American's loved the Bat Ears so much we choose to breed that into our Frenchies. Here is a little info I found and dearly love that the Americans choose to recognize only the Bat Ears!

"Society ladies first exhibited Frenchies in 1896 at Westminster and a Frenchie was featured on the cover of the 1897 Westminster catalog even though it was not yet an approved AKC breed.
At that show, both bat eared and rose eared dogs were exhibited but the English judge put up only the rose-eared specimens. This infuriated the American fanciers who quickly organized the French Bull Dog Club of America and drew up a breed standard allowing only the bat ear. At the 1898 Westminster show, the Americans were outraged to find that classes for both bat-eared and rose-eared dogs were to be shown despite the fact that the new breed standard allowed only the former. They pulled their dogs, the American Judge refused to participate in the show, and the club organized their own show, for bat-eared dogs only, to be held at the luxurious Waldorf-Astoria.

This was the famous first specialty of the French Bulldog Club of America — which, incidentally, was the first breed club anywhere in the world to be dedicated to the French Bulldog. The winner of that first Specialty was a brindle dog named Dimboolaa, seen here.

Popularity of Frenchies skyrocketed, particularly among the East Coast Society folks"

So for those that prefer to only promote the recognized colors, while I value your opinions and feel everyone should believe what they want and not be judged for it, I also think that there should be room for change and evolution. :) I tend to really like the blue color in the frenchies. At the end of the day I chose a blue fawn as my favorite as they are rare and they catch people's attention with thier blue/green eyes. My Ollie gets noticed everywhere we go and I always get "He has the most gorgeous eyes I have every seen!" He is a cutie, but then ALL Frenchies no matter what color they are. I love the breed, period. He is my first and won't be my last. I was a Golden Reteiever girl for years and years and have always loved BIG dogs, but these little guys just stole my heart. Due to their cost I had to wait until I was a little more finacially ready to own one. Thanksfully I have reached my 40's and I'm now in a position to afford one. Ollie has been more expensive than I anticipated though with his elbow surgery and two different bacterial infections when we got him. We have seen the vet A LOT. Thanks heavens for insurance.
Great information it's always good to be able to share thoughts and viewpoints.

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Thanks for the info, and yes he is a handsome fella.
@ David Thank you! We think so too. Course my family is biased. :)

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