Article: Debra: Members Spotlight

Great reading about you, Debra. You are a true advocate for dogs. I totally understand you not being able to replace your lab with another lab; I was the same way when my 13 yr. old German Shepard passed on.
Thank you for sharing your story [MENTION=46]Debra[/MENTION], it's nice to get to know you better! Thank you for all your hard work in rescue!
Thanks so much for writing your story. I enjoy reading about our members.
I love your dog pictures! It is quite obvious Junebug is the queen. You would never know her past looking at how happy she appears now. :smilet:
I looked at so many lab puppies & thought I was crazy to not fall in love with a puppy, but look where it took me. GSD are awesome & so loyal. My father in law always had one by side. They too have passed on and leave us with good memories :)
She is always moving, so getting some pictures is always hard. She is a happy camper for sure!
Thank you, it is fun meeting new people who have the same interest!
I really believe, when you adopt a displaced dog, they are so appreciative. This forum has some great people who are so helpful & have wonderful hearts :)