Article: I Am Your Puppy

I love this :heart:

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this is a must read for all new puppy owners. i totally love this article.
I love this :) very true... Sometimes it is hard to not lose your patients or a temper with a puppy when they do things they aren't suppose to, but positive reinforcement training is the best... My Margie gets so excited when I tell her "good puppy" or talk in a happy voice, and she definitely knows when I say "bad girl" if it is something she isn't suppose to do. They are very smart, they just need time and patients!
This is great...I feel like my puppy (now 4 months old!) was acting saying this to me! I try everyday to make sure I am doing everything I can to provide support, protection and love to my little guy and he shows his appreciation back to me everyday. Dog ownership can have its ups and downs, but the ups make it so worth it! Puppies treated right turn into great adults :)
This article is great! I see so many people that come in the Veterinary hospital where I work with a puppy, then a year later they have another puppy, and the next year another. Every time they are asked about the previous one, something happened to it. They gave it away, or it got ran over, or wouldn't potty train, or whatever. The new wears off and they just forget about it. We have a number of people that do that on a regular basis with puppies and kittens. They bring them in as a puppy or kitten and are all excited, and once the new wears off the dog is just forgotten about :(
Great Article. Puppies are no different from a human infant and I think people just look at cute they are and forget how much patience it takes to raise them.
Very well written article and so very true! It's been many many years since I have had a puppy and they take a lot of work, but in the end it's all worth it because you have a devoted friend that loves you unconditionally.
I try to remind myseIf this daiIy - he makes it reaIIy hard some times
Glad this was written as it reminds us all that they do think differently from us and that a puppy is soaking everything up like a sponge. I'm hoping to get a new puppy next month and this refreshed puppy behavior again for me. Thanks so much David[emoji173]️

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WOW! What a fantastic article, and so well written!

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This is so true and informative!�� new puppy owners should read this!!!
If I ever bred dogs I would print this out in the "going home packet". It's really a must read for anyone bringing home a puppy!