Bad Bella!


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Dec 4, 2013
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~ Loving life with our Frenchie
Oopsie, look at that face of shame..... She just wanted to customize it. :) I hope she didn't get into too much trouble.
Look at that face. No way that sweet baby did it. I think she was framed. :unsure:
She went to timeout in her bed for five minutes. I sent her to it, then she came back downstairs with her ears back and hiding behind a door! She knew she did bad. My son had literally just opened it in the floor not five minutes before. He went to the bathroom and then she had already chewed it. GRrrrrrr...

~ Loving life with our Frenchie
[MENTION=169]Cosette Girl[/MENTION], she doesn't regret it, when I was trying to take the picture she was trying to get it to chew it!

~ Loving life with our Frenchie
AWWW naughty but beautiful :) I have a similar shame pic of Winston I put on my facebook, lol
What a little darling! I have several books myself that have been "customized", that's what happens when tempting stuff gets left where they can get it!
Nope,.... no way --- it was the cat, I tell ya... the cat alwasy does it
I thought I would share some of Gidget's work... she seems to prefer paperbacks. :nono:

[MENTION=351]BellaMayBulldog[/MENTION] Well one of the bulldog rules is "If it's on the floor, it's mine!" LOL