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May 25, 2022
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We have Bolivian Cherry Headed Red Footed Tortoise
Burmese Black Mountain Tortoise.
Burmese Star Tortoise.
Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoises.
Chocolate Colored Red Footed Tortoise.
Elongated Tortoises.
Forsten's Tortoise. And Other varieties of tortoises/Turtles available, All well vet examined and come alongside with the required paperwork. Shipping to any location is available. Also available are fertile tested tortoise eggs contact us for availability and pricing. Thanks
ead Tortoise
-Egyptian Tortoise
-Marginated Tortoise
-Pancake Tortoise
-Leopard Tortoise
-Red-Footed Tortoise
-Hermann’s Tortoise
-Indian Star Tortoise
-Sulcata Tortoise

-Cherry H
-Russian Tortoise
-Greek Tortoise
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Email us at :[email protected]

Call Or WhatsApp Us at :‪(305) 791-0536
Call Or WhatsApp Us at :‪(305) 791-0536

-Buy Egyptian Tortoise online.The Egyptian Tortoise makes a suitable pet for someone that does not have as much space to house larger tortoises.

Marginated Tortoise for sell.This species is the largest European breed reaching 12-14 inches long.
Marginated Tortoises like to dig and spend lots of time outside whenever possible, especially when it is warm and sunny. It is best to house them outside if you have the space.

-Available Pancake Tortoise for sale. Their speed makes them a very fun pet tortoise!
A small species, usually growing to 7 inches long, they do not need much space

- Purchase Leopard Tortoise with us .The Leopard Tortoise is the second-largest species native to Africa and the fourth largest tortoise in the world. They are 17 inches long and weigh up to 40 pounds. Because of their large-size, they must be kept in an outdoor enclosure at least 80 square feet. If they are to be housed indoors, they can take up a whole room.
They need an average enclosure temperature of 80-90°F, and they do not tolerate moist conditions.

-Healthy Red-Footed Tortoise for sale. This is a medium-sized tortoise, growing no longer than 14 inches long.
The Red-Footed Tortoise is relatively inexpensive and has a curious nature making them very suitable for beginners.

-Are you searching for Hermann’s Tortoise ? These tortoises are unique for their single, horn-like claw found at the tips of their tails.
They must be housed in an outdoor warm environment, and should have at least 16 square feet of space. To best mimic the natural Mediterranean environment, the ideal temperature for their enclosure is 70℉-80℉, with UVB light and a basking spot.

-Lovely Indian Star Tortoise available for sale . Despite being very beginner friendly, their export status makes them the most expensive breed in this list. It is key to get your tortoise from a trusted, captive breeder.
Indian Star Tortoises are the same size as the Greek Tortoise, growing to 12 inches. What makes this tortoise a great beginner pet is their adaptability to survive in different humidity levels

-Sulcata Tortoise is also available for sale in larger quantities .The Sulcata Tortoise, found in the Sahara Desert, is one of the largest tortoise species in the world.
This giant tortoise can reach a whopping 30 inches in length and weigh over 100 pounds. Do not let their large size intimidate you, they still make a great beginner tortoise, just as long as they are not handled frequently!
As with the Russian Tortoise, the Sulcata likes burrowing and digging. They are also like most tortoises on this list as they readily eat grass, lettuce and leaves.

-Russian Tortoise for sale . They are a very popular pet tortoise in the United States.These tortoises can live for more than 40 years and prefer to live in warm outdoor enclosures. If they are housed indoors, they should be kept at room temperature and have a hot basking area, UVB light, and 30%-50% humidity.
This Tortoise is hardy and has an ability to adapt to different temperatures which makes them easy-to-care for beginners.
An enclosure of 8 square feet is suitable provided it is secure. These tortoises are burrowers and may try to dig at the corners of their enclosure. They have an ability to hibernate and dig underground when temperatures get too cold or hot

- Greek Tortoise lovers, we have Greek tortoises for sale in bulk. Like the Russian, they are one of the most popular pet tortoises.
They are easy to identify because of their domed shell and golden to black color patterns.The Greek Tortoise earned its alternate name, the Mediterranean Spur-Thighed Tortoise, from its characteristic “spurs” on either side of its tail.
Greek Tortoises do not grow more than 10 inches long and although they are small can live up to 50 years! https://thetortoiseandturtlesource.com/shop/

Email us at :[email protected]
Email us at :[email protected]

Call Or WhatsApp Us at :‪(305) 791-0536‬
Call Or WhatsApp Us at :‪(305) 791-0536‬