I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Cera~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Colorado


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Denver
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Weight: 27.5
Kids: Ages 3+
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $500

Cera is a former puppy mill breeder who has made her way to the available page in search of her forever home! She is done having puppies and is looking forward to a life of luxury and attention! Do you think you can show Cera what it's like to live life as a beloved pet? Then read on and submit an application, because Cera is ready to go home!

Despite spending years in a mill, Cera currently has no medical issues to note. She had an ear infection and a bladder infection while in foster care. She has completed her medications and is doing well. Woohoo!

Cera loves spending time with kids! She does like to jump a little bit, so sturdy, dog-savvy kids over the age of 3 would be best. But Cera will run around with them all day long!

A canine companion would also please Cera. She currently lives with a pretty submissive dog and they get along great! Sometimes Cera will guard her food from him, but so long as they are kept separate during meal times, everything is a-ok. Cera can be a little domineering, so we think a more submissive pooch would be best if her new home will have a resident pup.

Cera has never been tested with cats, so per FBRN policy we will not adopt out Cera to a home that has feline friends. This policy is in place to keep both our Frenchies and our kitty companions safe!

Cera is very puppy-like and has a lot of energy. However, after she has chased a ball or played with her foster brother she is very content to lie around or sunbathe on the deck. Cera is dominant and very smart smart. She could benefit from basic obedience classes as she doesn't know any commands. However, dangle a piece of cheese in front of her, and Cera will do anything for you! Cera is getting used to a leash and she loves to sniff around while on walks. She is only walking very short distances until she has been conditioned to longer walks.

Cera is housebroken, but in her forever home might experience some accidents while transitioning. She gets frightened easily and pancakes to the floor still, so we are looking for homes on the quiet side with a family that isn't into a lot of shouting and yelling, though happy kid sounds are fine. She loves her crate and goes in during the day as the door is always open.

Wanna adopt?

Please visit the French Bulldog Rescue Network's website and fill out an application. Click the Frenchie you are wanting to adopt, and you will find an "Apply For Me" button on their information. Please be sure to read their adoption process. Here is the link:


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