Demodectic Mange


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Dec 4, 2013
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I took Bella to the vet today for a spot she has on her side, that won't heal. After scraping, he saw the mange mites. She is 16 months so he was alarmed because she is an older puppy whose immune system should be stronger. They are keeping her for the day to run bloodwork and check her liver and kidney function. I started crying in the office. She is my baby. Could there be something major wrong?

:( :(

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My staffy Sid had them when she was over a year old and they never found anything wrong with her. I just put cream on it till it went away. She hasn't had a problem since.
Aww, poor Bella! Hope everything checks out ok!

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Well she will get through this, so don't worry. I responded to you other post with a few suggestions. She should be back to normal soon.