Do I own a french bull dog? or a boston terrier?


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Sep 20, 2013
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Hello my name is Roxy and my parents don't know what I am. From what I hear is that they always wanted a frenchie. Can you help us?
Welcome to French Bullldog News! Roxy, your ears look like Frenchie ears to me, as I remember, Boston Terrier ears are smaller. The confusion is because your coloring is like a Boston. You are a beautiful girl and I would LOVE to see more pictures of you!
Thanks for taking a look at my profile. I get mix up at my vet since like u say the colors are confusing. Shes only 13 weeks old and were dealing with a little mange on her but we def look forward to post pictures as she grows up.

You are a beautiful Frenchie girl!
My Cosette has the same coloring.
I say Frenchie too! Adorable! Someone on here said Boston's ears are pointed and that was an awesome way to tell the difference. With the coloring though you will likely have to correct people all the time.

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Thanks everyone! I am please to hear that!
Hello, are you in Cali, Colombia? or cali- california?. Roxy is a frenchie without doubt.
Her ears are just frenchie, no doubt!!!. Boston terriers have a pointed ears, longer legs,
and they are just different. The curve of Roxy ears is roundish not pointed........
Does Roxy has a pedigree?
She looks like a cute little Frenchie to me. :)
I grew up with bostons, looks to me like you have an adorable frenchie. Good luck with the mange.

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