Dog Sperm Bank

Will Powerr

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Jan 6, 2014
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Hellooo guys. Well I have had this thought in my mind for awhile ever since I adopted Yoda. When I found out he wasn't fixed and that he held a really good blood line, the idea of having one of his pups grew on me. There are just those traits in Yoda that I would love to carry on to his off springs. Especially his temperament. Idk what his chances are to find someone out there that is willing to mate their female with him, so I looked into preserving his semen til that time comes. I looked into this route bc Yoda turned 7 today. I was like damn, he's getting old. I want to get things done while he's still healthy.

Does anyone in the forum have any experience with dog sperm banks? Any reputable places in NY/NJ area?

Just a thought. Was really curious.

Thanks for any responses.
I have absolutely no idea about this. LOL Have you tried taking it to a Google search? Hopefully someone with some experience will be along soon. [MENTION=4]davidh[/MENTION] Do you know anything about this?
Sorry, I am no help either and David or Lisa would be the ones to to ask.
Your vet should be able to hep you with this.
I would check in your area to see if you can find a Vet that specializes in reproduction. If they do, I'm sure they would have the ability to store your dogs sperm....or at least point you in the right direction.
Heh yah I googled information that's how it came up as an idea. Thought I'd ask here to see maybe someone can give a experience review on it. But most definitely I will talk to a vet about once I decide who I can take this guy too since his primary vet is super far. Well worth a try. How awesome would it be to have a son or daughter walking around from your main frenchie.