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Aug 1, 2013
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Hi everyone!
Wondering how everyone cleans their frenchies ears? I noticed out 11 week old pups ears are getting a little cruddy deep down. Our vet gave us some solution to use inside her ears for cleaning but I wasn't sure what the safest way was to swab out the dirt? Cotton ball, tissue?

Also her nails are growing at rapid speed! They were cut a week and a half ago and are super sharp. I've never had to cut nails before because I think our other dogs naturally wear down outside. What is the safest way and tips on cutting her nails.

Thanks for the input! Even though we have two other dogs I feel like a whole new dog owner when it comes to her!

Trish & Margie :)
Here is a couple of awesome articles written by [MENTION=72]JeannieCO[/MENTION].

I trim nails at least every two weeks and use clippers plus dremmel. For the ears I squirt malecetic otic solution in, massage well (makes a squishy sound) and wipe out with a cotton ball. This must be done with a solution that is self drying otherwise ear infections can occur. Never let water get into the ear canal, always use cotton in the ears during baths. Just one drop of water can cause an ear infection because there is no way for the water to get out.



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Thank you bullmama!
We will definitely tackle the ears tonight. I will do some research on the ear solution we have, but it was given to us by our vet/breeder so I am assuming it is good to use.

Nails are a whole different story I guess. I just get nervous thinking about trimming them myself because I am afraid I am going to hurt her, or cut them to short and make her bleed :( The articles help inform me on the proper techniques though so I guess I just need to be brave and give it a shot! We have clippers that I will use, and then my husband has a Dremmel in the garage. Is this the kind of tool you use on the dogs nails? Do they make a special pet safe attachment or just a soft grinder will work? She is young now so if this is something we will need to do later in life, its best to get her use to it now I guess!
Yes the garage dremmel, same thing! I use a pretty gritty one. Just dremmel in light strokes. Holding it down too long will cause friction and heat.

One thing I do with young puppies starting at a very early age is when I'm holding them I don't just snuggle or pet their head. I massage their paws, play with their ears, and stroke their faces, rub their bellies.... Basically getting them prepared for future grooming. This develops trust in getting these areas touched. I do this several times prior to doing any grooming at all and routine when being held in between.

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For ear cleaning, I make a solution of 1/2 water & 1/2 vinegar, either wipe out the ear or sometimes I dribble some in & wipe out.