I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Everly~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in North Carolina


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: NE N.C.
Age: 4 yrs. old
Sex: Female
Weight: 22 pounds
Kids: Over 6 years old and dog savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Not required
Adoption Fee: $500

Everly is a sweet girl who loves to snuggle. She’s very laid back, very smart and loves learning all sorts of new tricks. Like many a Frenchie, though, she can be a stubborn girl. She enjoys chewing her Nylabone or playing with her stuffed toys but her absolute favorite thing is the laser pointer!

This pretty girl is mostly housebroken. We say “mostly’ because she has had two accidents in the house, and both times, it was when she didn’t make it outside fast enough after drinking a lot of water while in her kennel. She doesn’t enjoy running in the backyard really so out for a potty break and back in seem to be just fine with Everly.

Everly needs a home without cats or young children. She is usually fine sharing her toys with the other dogs in the house but did lay claim to one and once snapped at the other dog who got near it. She was fine when foster mom took the toy away and there have been no other issues. Everly and her foster mom go to obedience class and suggest that these classes continue to continue to help provide guidance to Everly. It’s also a great way to bond with a new dog!

Everly has a severe allergy to fleas. One flea on this young lady and it’s total chaos. The result is infection, hair loss and lots of discomfort for Everly. Her infection is almost completely healed up after she was put on flea prevention, steroids and antibiotics. It is imperative that her adoptive family understand that she must be kept flea-free and be willing to closely monitor her skin.

Wanna adopt?

Please visit the French Bulldog Rescue Network's website and fill out an application. Click the Frenchie you are wanting to adopt, and you will find an "Apply For Me" button on their information. Please be sure to read their adoption process. Here is the link:


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