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Jan 16, 2014
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Hello! I am new here & how found some great advice..but I haven't really seen anything on problems with the eyes. my Frenchie Chewys eyes get very red and he rubs his face on the carpet constantly. So much that he started to get a cherry eye. Any advice?
Sorry I have no advice on cherry eye or eye irritation. BUT I know we have quite a few people here that will have some advice for you :)
Maybe it is allergies and that is why is constantly rubbing his face? Jax's eyes get red when he is tired.
:hiya: :welcome3: to FBN!!

Can you post a picture so his eye? could be a number of things and seeing it will give a better idea on what might be

It's really hard to get a still picture of him, he's always moving.. You can kind of see where it's pink in this picture, it turns super red. I feed him Nature Variety Instincts, Grain-Free. his mama had an allergy, not sure what too, so we just kept him on the same food.
I would try a food change, because it sounds like an allergy that is causing the problem. Plus welcome to the site and your baby is a cutie.
Okay I will have to try that & thank you :) yours are adorable!
Hello Jessica and welcome.
I have had Cosette for 8 months; she is 3. She has red eyes too.

How long have they been bothering Chewy?
She is so cute, Bella had red eyes like that when she was little and she actually had an infection. Took her to vet they looked at them with scope thing and put her on antibiotic eye drops and they turned clear. :) Could be a small infection. Her age I would get it checked out. When it comes to the eyes, just like humans, no reason to play around! :)

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@cosettegirl it's been about a week and a half or so, I just switched his food, they aren't as red now & he doesn't rub his face on the carpet but they are still red.
[MENTION=351]BellaMayBulldog[/MENTION] It didn't even cross my mind it being an infection!! He goes this Friday for his last shots so I am going to bring to up! I already called my vet and she said she's going to give me drops :)
[MENTION=2]2bullymama[/MENTION] yeah it runs sometimes.. Not too much though

try Benedryl 1mg per pound of pup up to 3x a day
I have mentioned it to the vet and they dont seem concerned...they say its her second eyelid....she isnt rubbing them but I always thought red in the eye wasnt good
Greetings everyone! I just joined today and already have questions... My Frenchie has red eyes and muzzle too. She also licks her feet constantly. I have tried diet changes, cortelone, prednisone, soothing shampoos, and cortelone shampoos...but still she licks. The interesting thing is, that if I put my hand in front of her, she'll lick my hand with the same sort of frenzy as she licks her feet. At bedtime, after she's licked to the point of driving me crazy, I'll sternly tell her to "Knock it off", with that she stops and goes to sleep. So is it allergies? habit? or is my little sweetie a bit nuts, or is it a combination of all three? Help! I want her happy and healthy.
Louie's right eye is Always red and the vet checked to see if he had a scratch which he did not so she gave us eye drops which we used. The eye got better and then got red again so we called vet who told us to treat with eye drops again but for 10 days this time. Again the eye got better but is getting red again. I'm not sure what's causing this. We are in the middle of a food switch and Louie is just getting better from terrible stomach issues. Not sure if it has anything to do with it.

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