First Night In Her Big Girl Bed!


Apr 23, 2013
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Stella has been really difficult to potty train. As a pup I expected crate messes even with waking up at all hours to take her outside. I did figure they would taper off as she got older though. At 8 months we were still going potty in the crate so I decided I needed to limit her crate space and put the barrier in her crate. She had room to lie down and that was about it. I figured if she couldn't go potty then get away from it in the crate; she might hold it. The messes finally quit!
In the last couple weeks I finally gave her a blankie in her crate. She had been doing really good and hadn't backslid in her training at all. So today I took the barrier out of her crate!

Tonight is her first night without the barrier and with her blankie. So here's to hoping that she doesn't do any pottying in there! She just turned 1 on May 5th so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that she's a "big girl" now! :pray:
Well.... is she a big girl now?

Cheli was real hard to train too... he still will not tell us if he has to go, so it is all a schedule for us. The one thing we did get lucky with, he never messed in his crate
She did it! Yay Stella. Granted she isn't in her crate at night very long because she goes to bed when I do and then I'm back up at 4:30AM. But hey...I was proud LOL
Excellent news!!!

Daddy will be 3 this year and he STILL likes to pee on his bed!! :no: :shout: