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Jul 26, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I wanted to spread the word about a recent Iams/Eukanuba recall that was posted a day or so ago. I highly doubt most people are feeding these brands to their dogs, however, just to be safe, I wanted to pass this along. There is a list of batches/lots that may have contained Salmonella, and anyone who has any of these lots needs to discard the food immediately! You can find more information at the link below.

I had started my little frenchie on Eukanuba small breed puppy and was going to change over to a more high quality dog food, however this recall happened before I had made the switch and I found a "bad bag" of food in my home :-( My poor little guy was throwing up (not too terribly or frequently, hes doing fine now) and I couldn't understand what he may have gotten into. I believe it may have been the bag of food I was feeding him..thankfully he had only gotten a little bit out of that bag before I realized it was bad. Don't let this happen to your dog! I have switched food and Yadi is feeling great!

Hopefully if anyone is feeding this food, you can check and make sure your supply is ok.

Thank you for posting this! :goodpost:

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That's scary, glad he's okay. I had to change Babette from Iams when we first got her, it didn't do well with her tummy.
Thanks Babette; and yes you can always tell if a food isnt sitting well with their tummy! I'm sure a lot of people know/have heard of, but if not, check out their page. They actually have an email alert you can set and they will email you when they know of a recall for any type of pet food/treat. There have been a few other brands that have had recalls since I last posted this thread, so its nice to have something alert you since its hard information to find some times.