Fromm gold puppy chiot


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Nov 16, 2013
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Is fromm gold puppy chiot grain free? Our frenchy puppy who is 3 months old seems to be breaking out under his neck and arm pits. Is this caused by food or could it be seasonal allergies? His nose seems a little runny and eyes seem a little watery? What should I do? We just got him onto the fromm from royal canin bulldog puppy. When we went to the vet he gave him an antibiotic shot that is supposed to last 3 days plus a betagen topical spray. The bumps look like pimples. Then they dry out and scab over And fall off.
It does have some chicken in it and some salmon oil, both can cause some allergies.
It is not grain free, but neither is Royal Canin.... both have chicken and grains.... I am thinking more it may be a reaction to the vaccines, or a contact allergy maybe?