I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Hampton~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in California


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Southern California
Age: 2.5 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight: 30 lbs
Kids: Yes
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $600

Hampton is well socialized, and is polite and civil when he greets people and other dogs. He walks well on a leash, and tends to take his cues from other dogs in his pack. He is housebroken, but like many dogs, needs to be kept on a consistent schedule. Hampton does not like to be left alone, especially in a crate. When he is isolated, he will whine and bark to express his hurt feelings. For this reason, Hampton would prefer to have a stay-at-home person and apartment life or life in a home with shared walls is not a good idea. He could probably adapt to living with someone who works all day as long as he gets a mid-day break, but probably would not be the best office dog unless he is never left alone while his person steps away from the desk. Hampton does quiet down when corrected verbally. He is a smart boy who knows the commands "sit", "out", "inside" (crate, car) and "get down." He may occasionally require repetition, but in general he responds very well to verbal cues.

Hampton would really like a fenced yard. A ranch style home without stairs would definitely be a plus for both him and his person since Hampton should not be permitted to climb stairs, and at 30 lbs, he's a lot of Frenchie to carry! He would do fine with kids, and would enjoy an active bustling household that included other dogs his own size and activity level.

Wanna adopt?

Please visit the French Bulldog Rescue Network's website and fill out an application. Click the Frenchie you are wanting to adopt, and you will find an "Apply For Me" button on their information. Please be sure to read their adoption process. Here is the link:


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