Hello Everyone!!

Jun 1, 2013
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Hey everybody! My name is Rhonda and I have a 9 month old Frenchie named Lola. She is full of personality and is the sweetest pup ever!! She just had to have abdominal surgery to remove a piece of a dental chew that was causing an obstruction. This has been such a worrying experience!!!


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She is the cutest little thing ever! My Yuna had the same thing happen, but hers was an unknown rubber gasket, we cannot even figure out what it was. She was so sick.... but after the surgery she bounced back very quickly.
:smileywelcome: Rhonda and Lola, bad greenies bad, she's simply darling and so petite :smoochwink:
So glad she is doing fine. She is just a cutie.
:welcome: Rhonda and Lola to FBN! so sorry about Lola's surgery, but very happy you knew the signs and took her to be checked.

She is beyond adorable... love her little face!
Good cautionary thing. So many dogs have obstructions from random things. Glad Lola is on the mend!
Welcome Rhonda and Lola! Our EB Ruggles had surgery for an obstruction, too. I am so glad Lola is on the mend!