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Nov 26, 2013
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I'm a fairly new owner of a female red frenchy! Words cannot express the fun and enjoyment she is. Has been a challenge housebreaking, but we're getting there slowly. Am wondering what others feed their puppies. :whew:
Hello and welcome to FBN! We all love pictures!
Buster came to me eating Canidae. At 8 months I switched him to NVI Ltd. Ingred. Turkey because that's what his allergic to everything EB brother eats! A lot of people feed Fromm Puppy in the pink bag!
Hello and :welcome3: to FBN!!

we feed Fromm grain free Pork and Peas or Beef Fritatta
I feed blue buffalo freedom puppy. It's grain, wheat and soy free. We feed the eb the blue buffalo wilderness salmon and chicken.
Welcome to FBN! Stella eats a raw diet (prey model).
I've gone through several different foods with Jax (Fromm included) but he is currently on Pacific Stream Taste of the Wild which is grain free and salmon based. So far he is doing good on in it, nice coat, less shedding and less gas!
Welcome to the site and glad you joined us. We feed our pups FROMM puppy gold and when they are about 7 months old we switch them to FROMM Pork and Peas.