Hello from Ft Rucker, AL

Brittany Ernst

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Feb 27, 2014
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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Brittany. My husband is in the Army and we currently reside at Ft Rucker, AL. We have 4 pups. 3 mix breed rescues and our newest member is a 4 month old brindle pied Frenchie named Rootbeer.

(Forgive my photos. Im on my phone)

:welcome3: to FBN!!

What a great looking pack you have.... LOVE your little man!
Welcome to the site and your babes are to cute. I love you Frenchies name.
Rootbeer is just as adorable as his name!
Welcome to FBN! He's soooo handsome!

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Welcome to the site!!! Like everyone else... love the name!!! I also LOVE the little figurine in the first pic. Would love to know source - can you message me?

From Anne, Gidget, Olivia & Wilson in VA.
Love his name!!! What a cutie pie!

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Welcome to the forum. All of your dogs are adorable.
:smileywelcome: Welcome Brittany and Rootbeer! He is a cutie!