Hello from Hong Kong!


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Dec 30, 2013
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Hi Everyone,

I just got my french bulldog puppy a few weeks ago and she's my first puppy on my own. She was just under 5 months when she arrived. I'm living out in Hong Kong but originally from NY. I'm looking forward to learning tons from all the frenchie owner verterans.

Thanks in advance for all the help (I'm sure I'll need it!!)
Welcome to the site! I love how we have so many people from around the world on here :) We would love to see pictures of your new baby as well!
Welcome! Nice to meet you! Very glad you joined us.

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Welcome to you and Valentina! Can't wait to read your posts and see pictures of your baby girl!
:hiya: :welcome3: to FBN and the world of Frenchie's!!!

look forward to pictures of your baby!
Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Here are a few pics of my little oneimage (4).jpgimage (8).jpgimage (1).jpgimage (2).jpg
Welcome. What expressive eyes!

Do you see many Frenchies in Hong Kong?
Yeah, she definitely has the looks downpat with those eyes! I've been seeing more and more frenchies over the past few years out in HK. I just heard about a group of arond 30 frenchie owners that organize playdates so I'm excited to join in on those.
Welcome to the site ad your baby is just too cute. So happy you found us, and joined the family.
Oh my gosh, she is too cute!! Welcome to the site! Everyone here has been so friendly and helpful to me! I know you will find lots of answers to your questions here! Enjoy her for years to come! She will make you laugh everyday!

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