hello from New York


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Aug 22, 2013
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Hello everyone,just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Barbara and I am the very proud owner a frenchie named Louie!!
He has stolen my heart but drives me crazy sometimes. I have so many questions that i hope I can find answers to, and who better to ask
then the people who know them best !!!
Louie is adorable!! Welcome to FBN and glad you joined! :)
Hello from upstate NY! Your baby is quite handsome, congratulations. This is definitely the right place to ask questions and get a bunch of perspectives.
Welcome Barbara and Louie! Ask away, we all learn from each other :2thumbs:

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Welcome to FBN Barbara and Louie! Louie is soooooo handsome!
:welcome: to FBN.... Louie looks to be a cutie pie!
Welcome and your baby is too cute, so ask away any questions you may have, someone will have an answer.