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Dec 27, 2013
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We are new to this site and I love looking at all the adorable photos and stories. We have a French Bulldog "Molly" who is 1 and a ****-zu "Oscar" who is 4. Molly is such the clown and Oscar is a laid back little old man. I often tell people we live in "their" house. lol

I look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone!
That is so funny! That is what my husband says of our dogs... welcome and Hi from Anne & Gidget in VA.
Welcome!!! Our Bella rules our house! Spoiled little brat. :)

~ Loving life with our Frenchie
:welcome3:Welcome to you, Molly and Oscar! We love pictures here!!

Welcome to FBN! Can't wait to see pics of your frenchie :)
Welcome to the site and glad you found us. Looking forward in seeing pics of your baby
:hiya: :welcome3: to FBN... so glad you found us and hope to see pics of your babies