Hemi Vertebrae or Butterfly vertebrae


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Dec 4, 2013
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Well, since Bella had a UTI we had to do an x-Ray for stones, no stones but unexpected news...my baby Bella has what's called a hemi vertebrae, also know as a butterfly vertebrae. She has two malformed vertebrae. One towards the back and one towards the front. They are several vertebrae apart. Vet called neurologist and she said common malformation in Bulldogs. Since she is not presenting with any symptoms, this was a by chance finding, then there is nothing we should do. I will be taking her into neuro just to be sure.

I wondered if anyone on here has dealt with this problem? If so, what can I expect? What do I do?

Thanks all!!!

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Poor baby Bella, she sure has had a time of it. I have no experience with this, but I hope it doesn't give her any problems at all. Please keep up posted on what the neurologist says. Plus givr Bella a hug from us. We will be thinking of her.
:heart: I have not experienced this either. You are smart to double check with a neuro!
Yes, my Bulldog, Banks has this, diagnosed at around 1 year... She is now 8 yrs and has not mussed a beat! Puppy power, daycare, runs, wrestle, steps, jumps! She is always in pain but we manage it with Tramadol , Deramaxx and Gabepetin along with monthly laser treatments which really make a difference.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions

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[MENTION=2]2bullymama[/MENTION], oh wow!, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that! Did you take Banks to a neuro? Where does she get the laser treatments? An orthopedic?

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[MENTION=2]2bullymama[/MENTION], oh wow!, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that! Did you take Banks to a neuro? Where does she get the laser treatments? An orthopedic?

~ Loving life with our Frenchie

Everything is handled at our regular vet office, he is really into most current technology and the laser treatment is great. It is about 40.00 per session, it last about 30 - 40 mins and it is like a deep massage. We do notice a difference whe he session is coming due or we miss it ( rarely do we miss). Since I manage her meds/pain with meds, she normally gets most I. The afternoon cause that is when she is most active.... The Gabapetin is key, she is not 'drugged or high' , the Gabby( my nickname for Gabapetin) stops the nerve signal from telling the Brian that she is in pain, so she has all her energy and personality
I wonder if I should find a regular vet who specializes in Bully breeds and is up to speed tech wise. This was found by chance, looking for stones in bladder. I don't know what symptoms to look for at all. How will I know she is in pain? Would it be possible for me to call you? I can email you my number!

Haha, I called David today! Bothered him! :) :)

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And I am not happy Banks has this problem, I am happy she is doing well! Bella is so young! I need at least ten good years with my baby!!!! More than that would be great!!!

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Sure ... I will Pm you my #. We can chat tomorrow....

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Thanks everyone! After research I have decided to not do the neuro appointment right now. Since she is not symptomatic, not really sure what they will do but tell to wait until she is. I am taking her a rehab specialist, whom specializes in Vertebrae problems. They said prevention is key, so maybe if we get her into rehab we can stay ahead if any problems! Plus, the head guy owns frenchies himself, so he is very familiar with them! That makes me really happy. :) I will keep everyone updated.

Just FYI, Bella is a pet store dog. We walked in and saw her and fell in love, never expecting them to have a Frenchie. We were visiting another store and popped in. I am sad that she is going thru this and I do wonder if the Demodectic mange and this malformation are from bad breeding practices. I have filed a complaint with the store, since we have a guarantee, but who knows what they will offer me. I do know that it is said once a pup has Demodectic mange they should not be bred, Bella is spayed, but I definitely wonder who the breeder is. We will never again buy a pup from a store, but are glad we got her! No matter where she came from she is the love of my life!

~ Loving life with our Frenchie
Sounds like a good plan. I hope it is a long time before this even bothers her. I wish there were laws against pet stores selling pups and supporting puppy mills. So sad.

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