Hi from North Carolina!


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Oct 29, 2013
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Just stopping in to say hello! Hope to share lots of info, fun and opinions! Our Bindie is now 10 months old and I would have 10 of her if we could! What a delightful dog and funny breed! See you in the forums!
Hi and welcome. I'm in SC so we are neighbors.

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Welcome Terri and Bindie! Can't wait to see pictures of Bindie. My Buster is also 10 months old and I'd love 10 of him, too!
:welcome3: to FBN.... I'll be looking for pictures!!!
:welcome4: Hi Terri and Bindie and welcome to the forum! I'm in NC also and just adopted my baby Leo! He is such a joy and we love him so very much!!!! Cant wait to see pictures of Bindie!
Thanks everyone....it's so friendly here! Bindie is my avatar and I also put a picture up under the pictures section! Happy halloween!
Welcome to the site and so happy you found us.
:FBNwelcome: so glad you joined us!