Hi Ya'll from North Carolina


Aug 21, 2013
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My name is Michelle and I just joined the site today. I currently do not own a Frenchie, but have been doing months of research on this breed and hope to own one before the end of 2013! I'm starting the rescue route first and see how that goes. I've owned Boxers in the past, having lost my last baby a little over 5 yrs ago (Candy) and she is missed terribly to this day (that will never change). I've finally felt like I would love to have a little cuddle bug in my house again, but a smaller breed and I've always loved the French Bulldog, although have never owned one. :w00t:

My husband, John and I have been married 12 years and have no children. He is an engineer for a local manufacturing (turbos) company and I work as an administrative assistant with a HVAC company. We love the mountains of North Carolina.

We have taken our first step toward adding a Frenchie to our family and I have actually applied :pray: for a Frenchie girl from FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network). Trying not to get too excited, but praying at the same time, as I know I am going up against many other contenders. :unsure:

Looking forward to spending some time on this board and doing more research! :D
Welcome and I hope your frenchie dreams come true! Do you mind if I ask which Frenchie girl you applied for? I do the posting for FBRN and there are sooo many great dogs right now. :)
Hi from South Carolina. We are neighbors :) I don't actually have a Frenchie either, but maybe one day. Good luck on the little girl.
Hi MamaAndi - Arwan, the little brindle girl. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I know I'm going up against many other potential homes.
She is a cutie. Good luck, my fingers are crossed for you! :)
Welcome to FBN! Good luck with your girl, I so hope you get her!!
I looked at Arwin, she is such a great dog- Hope you get her. GOOD LUCK!!
Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but trying not to get my hopes up! It's difficult not to get excited about her though!
How exciting, I hope your application is approved! :up: welcome to FBN!

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best of luck to you on getting your new addition...... :welcome3: to FBN!!
Welcome to the site, you have come to the right place. We are like family here so jump right in. Good luck on your Frenchie, and bless you for getting a rescue. We look forward in seeing pics of your baby when you get her.