housebreaking I need help!!


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Aug 22, 2013
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Ok I need help,i can not seem to house train louie, this is not my first rodeo LOL, I had 2 boxers and a chocolate lab before this and have never had a problem. I am with him
all day and do the usual, upon waking after play after meals blah,blah,blah LOL the problem is he will pee outside them come in and pee 5 min later, He even somtimes pees in his crate, so now i find if i put nothing in there he wont pee!! and he can also hold it 8 hours when he is all snuggled up in my bed!! there is no pattern in his habits.

Louie did have a very bad chocking accident, he was eating his kibble and started barking and aspirated and almost died in my arms, it was horrible and he was doing pretty good before that. That was when he was 11 weeks he is 20 weeks now and doing great although i dont think he will ever eat food that is not soaked LOL mommy is very afraid. I did have him tested for UTI and came back negative, but the vet said he did have crystles and his urine and it was very concentrated, did a all day urine collection still concentrated,but another vet in the practice didnt seem all that concerned and said bulldogs in general can be diffucult. Sorry this is so long any thoughts or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!
Louie is still pretty young. Just stick with taking him out frequently and maybe after he pees, play another 5 or 10 minutes to see if he will pee again.
I have a 4 1/2 month old who still has accidents in the house. For the most part is does pretty good but sometimes he "forgets" and will pee wherever. Just 2 days ago he peed in my bedroom then again in the kitchen not too long after that. I have heard/read that Frenchies can take a bit longer to potty train.
Not sure if I am of help or not, but it took us a 1 1/2 years to get Cheli trained... still a challenge as he will not TELL us he has to go so we are stuck with a schedule with him and he is crated when we are not at home.
I read about a Frenchie that rings a bell at the door when he needs to go!!!!