I am confuzzled!


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Sep 13, 2013
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I searched and didn't see this asked but, sorry if I just missed the post.

I am doing alot of reading ,note taking in preparation for when Cortana gets to come home. The thing confusing me is house breaking. I am reading in several places that since I
live in a Condo and am not sure of the vaccination status of the other dogs in the community. I shouldn't take her outside until she is 16 weeks and has had her parvo vaccination.
She will be 10 weeks when I bring her home. That being said, if true she will have had to go on pads until that round of vaccinations.

So, is that a truism about the 16 weeks or just bad or misunderstood information?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
true... Unless you know where you take them does not have other dogs around the area it is best to keep them away. [MENTION=1]bullmama[/MENTION] can give you more detailed info on this. I have been out of the puppy loop too long to fully remember, but 16 weeks is when the last shots are given
Hi. Buster had immunization for parvo started at 6 weeks while still with the breeder. The final boosters (I think) and rabies is at 16 weeks. It is wise to wait the full 16 weeks just to be safe. If you have a balcony or patio you could have her potty out there. With these precious fur babies it is better to be safe than sorry.
Thank you Alice Kable. No doubt better safe than sorry! At the moment then it will be on the balcony.
If there is a lot of dogs going potty where she will be going in the future, I would wait 1 week after the third set of shots. She should be protected by then. One of my recent pups ended up getting parvo, but his owner runs daily with her boxer around the neighborhood, which is heavily populated with dogs. They must have brought it in their home on the soles of their sneakers/paw pads. So another good practice is to take off your shoes when you come home. Parvo can be picked up anywhere on the soles of your shoes.

I have also met someone who lost an entire litter of pups to parvo, and the pups had never even been outside of their whelping box, as they were still tiny. She ended up having her yard and shoes tested and found that is where it came from. :(. The shoes. :(

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Thank you bullmama! I'll adhere to that advice for sure then. I already remove my shoes/work boots at the door when I come in.