I Got This Great Book At PETCO!

Alice Kable

Apr 14, 2013
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I was at PETCO last Monday and found this great book on French Bulldogs!


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That is the book I bought and read before I got Jax. It's very informational.
Good find, thanks for sharing.
I'll have to see if our Petco has this one! :)

I ordered mine from Amazon so if you're Petco doesn't have it, you can try there. I think I have also seen it at my Petsmart as well.
As @Chrugs said it is available on Amazon, Petsmart, and any bookstore. It is good reading and has good pictures!
ooooooooooooooooo..... how close is it to what you already know?
ooooooooooooooooo..... how close is it to what you already know?

Christine, there are 141 pages, 9 chapters plus a list of resources and an index so it is easy to find specific things. I've done a quick browse through, my husband is reading it first and says he learning some new things. The author has a real common sense approach that I really like!
Gonna need to get me a copy.... Thx Alice

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I picked one up myself just this week! Sometime I will actually have time to look at it! :fie:
I completely agree -- it's a great book! Not generic like most dog breed books. I highly recommend it!
I just added it to my iPad via Kindle. I'm anxious to find some time to read it. Thanks for the suggestion.

XoXo from Quella La Roux and her mommy too!