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Aug 9, 2013
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I just returned from the vet hospital. Cosette's anal glands were very infected and bleeding. Her bottom looked pinker than usual this morning, by this afternoon it was bulging and by evening bleeding.
The vet drained them. She is on antibiotics and needs 4 warm compresses per day. She also has yeast infections in both ears and has drops for that. Also on pain meds.
I feel silly because I give her a once over everyday and did not see anything unusual till today. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things.... Poor baby

Oops. I thought I clicked on the heath forum. I am sorry!
Poor girl, I hope she will be feeling better soon! Don't feel silly, things like this happen. One of my EBs had an ear infection last spring even though I clean them once a week, I guess I wasn't cleaning them as well as I should have. But he was fine after a week with the drops! Feel better, Cosette!! :)
don't feel silly, please it happens to everyone in one way or another, we can't control the unset of health issue's .
Like everyone has said it happens to the best of us, so don't feel bad. The main thing is you got him help and he is on the mend.
Thank you, David. It's like being a first time mom all over again!

Today was another adventure. In addition to the gland infection, Cosette had an ear infection as well so the vet put her on ear drops Wednesday. Well today she could not hear me at all. I brought her back and she may have had a reaction to the drops (otomax). She had a lot of fluid in both ears so the vet cleaned them along with her sore bum.
Hearing is much better, no more ear drops.

Happy Frenchie, happy mom!
Oh no, poor girl! I am glad she is doing better.

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So glad to hear she is better!

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Cosette's ears have worsened. Last week I took her to emergency care ; they gave her gentamicin drops which she took for two days and caused fluid and (hopefully) temporary hearing loss. Today I took her to her own vet to be checked and her ears are still inflamed with fluid. The vet said the reaction to the drops does not happen often. So Cosette received a cortisone injection, more oral meds and new drops that won't hurt her ears. We will know in two weeks if her hearing improves. Poor baby.
Poor thing :( I hope the new meds help and she gets better soon. Keep us updated.
I am relieved to say Cosette is doing better; it's taken nearly three weeks to get to this point. Her infection in her bum is healing nicely and her hearing is slowly returning. I am weaning her off the prednisone . What an appetite!
So glad to hear Cosette is doing much better!
I have raised three children but my Frenchie makes me feel like a first time mom!
I'm happy to hear Cosette is doing better. That must have been scary! Sounds like my luck, if something with a medicine can go wrong, it will. Glad you're feeling better, little Frenchiepie. <3
So glad to hear she's improving!

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Wow! I'm late to this but am so glad your little girl's bum and ears are on the mend!
Is that a common thing to need to get your frenchies anal glands squeezed on a regular basis? We have 4 other pets besides our frenchie puppy, and of all of them only the cat needs his glands squeezed once or twice a year. The rest of the animals released theirs naturally. Just wondering if this is something common among this particular breed and if it is something we should watch for with our puppy.
They are suppose to express naturally . My first Frenchie had minor issues ; I would give her a few tablespoons a week of canned pumpkin which helped a lot. Cosette has been with me only 4 months so I don't know her history. My vet said to add 1/4 teaspoon of Metamucil per week to her food.

I know we discussed this in a thread a few months ago but if anyone has knowledge to share I would be grateful.

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