Introducting CH Adele.


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Apr 6, 2013
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WOOHOO, I'm a proud grandpa. Adele got her point this morning and is Champion Ironton Rumor Has It aka Adele. Congrats to her and her owners. Here are a couple pics.

Adele CH Ironton Rumor Has It -10-10-13.jpgAdele CH Ironton Rumor Has It..jpg

Plus her brother Ben got his points today also.

Ben 10-10-13.jpgBen 10-10-13-1.jpg

I have a feeling we will be going to Nationals in 2014 as Hazel will be inducted into the AKC Hall of Fame. She has several other pups working on their championship. Oh I can't wait. :)
HOLY WOW... that is just awesome David! Congrats to you.. Adele, Hazel and eveyone else invloved --- such great work by all, especially Hazel and Adele!
What an accomplishment!!! Congratulations!
:bravo: Adele!!! You are a beauty!!

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