Keeping those giant ears warm?!


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Dec 26, 2013
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With all this snow I've been putting a coat on Hotchkiss every time he goes out to potty. He is only out long enough to go then he comes back in. I noticed his poor little ears are freezing when he gets back in and idk if I should be doing something to cover them when he goes out. His winter jacket doesn't have a hood and I don't know if he would keep it on anyway. What does everyone else do? Any ideas?
Well, I'm no help here, we live in Texas by Houston and it doesn't get that cold here. We are going to be in the 30's and high 20's the next few days, so we don't do anything for ours. We have a coat for Hazel and Hillary, but they really don't like it, so they just run out, do their business and right back in. I'm sure some folks who live up north were it is really cold will be along soon.
Buster has hoods but hates anything on his ears, he'd rather they were cold. When I've tried to pull his hood up, he lies down and refuses to move! I think they make ear muffs and head bands for dogs but I haven't tried them!
[MENTION=10]Alice Kable[/MENTION], LOL, that's funny!
[MENTION=400]purpledoggy[/MENTION] Leo's Ears get cold too, but again he is only out in it long enough to go potty. He has a winter coat on (picture below), but nothing on his head. But they warm back up quickly when we come back in with some cuddling and rubbing his ears. :)


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I would just let your pup out to potty and right back in during extreme weather. We had some severely cold days with wind chills way below zero but Stella's ears were fine. She never wanted to stay out extra anyway lol
I just feel so bad for him even though he's only out a short time. When it was snowing its butt off last night he refused to potty outside and ended up going in the house. I just didn't know if there was any help for his poor ears.
Same with Cheli.... he is not a fan of being out in the cold, but he does not like anything on his head
It's been so cold the last two days Norm rings the bell to go outside, as soon as I open the door he backs up and tries to run away. I make him go out and he goes as fast as he can and runs back in. I wrap him in a blanket to warm him back up. He hates hoods covering his ears. I bought him boots and he kicks them off outside.
Ha my husband always joked that we should get Marg Frenchie earmuffs but I have yet to find such a thing :) we had a record low -17 a week ago in upper michigan, so all our dogs to is run quick outside and straight back in. Marg had a couple poop accidents because she didn't want to stay outside long enough to go, don't blame her!

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I live in Alaska, were it's normally cold this time of year. LOL we have a neck ruff that goes over Chewy's ears, but he hates it. He'd rather not have it on. Really only use it if we go for a walk.
I'm starting to think he needs some booties for his feet. He was complaining to me tonight even though I shoveled a giant walk for him to use so he wouldn't be stuck in the snow. He kept picking his feet up and whimpering at me. Idk maybe I'm just babying him too much and he knows I will cave.