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Oct 29, 2013
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Here is Hugo in his new harness :) Its a mini version of Winstons :)

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oops it's sideways, lol


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Oh my!! Looks like you have your handful with those two babies :) I bet they are best buds and get into plenty of mischief together?
Aww so cute! Twinzies!

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Winston is great with him, just totally accepted Hugo and Hugo just shadows Winston everywhere. Hugo is a little terror, he is here there and everywhere piddling, chewing, pooing, getting up to everything he shouldn't !!!!!!

Yesterday I put down puppy pads in the kitchen, Winston used them and never touched them as a puppy left the kitchen for 5 mins and came back to a snow storm of ripped up puppy pads so I assumed it was hugo and told him off till I realised Winston looking all sheepish with shred of puppy pad hanging out of his mouth.!!!!
He is too cute and they look great together.