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Nov 21, 2023
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Hi there, new member here. Owner of 2 French Bulldogs and I’m in need of some advice. I’ve got a male Frenchie called Bruno and he’s just turned 3 today, I’ve had him since he was 12 week old and he’s the best little dog ever. Last week we decided to buy a female Frenchie called Fergie as we thought it would be good for Bruno to have a little playmate as he gets separation anxiety wen me and my partner are at work or have to go somewhere. Fergie is a rehomed dog due to the last owner having allergy’s so she’s 16 month old wen she joined us last week. It’s only been a week together so I know it’s early but the little newbie who is half the size of Bruno is not letting him get attention, as soon as you stroke him or he sits on our lap she darts over and intimidates him. She’s constantly taking his toys of him all the time and he won’t put her in her place. I have a real close bond with Bruno and it’s really annoying me and me and my partner are not seeing eye to eye on this matter. Any advice on how to handle this welcomed.
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You have a typical situation... you'll need to take them for walks together , get them to bond up, and ensure she knows you (all humans in home) are alpha. She also needs a few weeks to decompress and get to know the new home, be sure to set boundaries with her so she knows the rules.

As for the attention... it can be typical behavior. My frenchie (nick name is Jelly-Cheli) because is wants 100% of my attention and doesn't like when I give any to our bulldog. In order to ensure no fights ever happen (been 9 years) we established alpha and let Cheli know when his behavior is not acceptable. Sometimes that is just turning our back to him, other times it is removing him from what needs to take place with Lambeau.
Well, female dogs are called you know what's for a reason! I have 4 dogs (2 males and 2 females) and a couple of them always will rush in for attention if you are giving someone else attention. My youngest is 16 months and will charge in and steal toys from right out of her mother's mouth. As Christine said, it can take a bit for them to adjust and acclimate but just reinforce with NO what you don't want to happen and put a stop to it. And then praise when she listens.