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Aug 21, 2013
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After months and months of researching this breed and looking at different rescues and breeders, we finally took the leap and applied for a rescue Frenchie.

We have had a rescue in the past (Boxer), but the process was much different that what I'm reading about the rescue we are looking at now. For instance, the home visit, this was not the case with our Boxer, however, I do see it is one of the things they do for the Frenchie Rescue (which I'm fine with and agree with); however, I'm just curious what they are looking for. I mean, is it like having a baby, where you want to have all the essentials in place for the pending arrival? Is that what they are looking for? I don't have any doggie items (we've been without a pup for about 5+ years) and wasn't planning on getting anything until I knew the dog that was going to be living with us and her personality, size, etc....

I was just curious! :unsure:

Every rescue is different. Here are a few things I look for.
Is the body of water fenced off
Does the house have steps, how many? ( older dogs may not be able to do steps)
Yard fenced securely.
Verify other animals are well cared for.
See where the dog will spend his time when you are home & when no one is home.
These are just a few so you get the idea. A lot depends on the dog you are adopting & what his needs are.
It is so nice to meet the potential new family face to face & make sure it is a good match for all.
Good luck!!!!
[MENTION=46]Debra[/MENTION] gave you a lot of things that are going through the mind of the volunteer who does the home inspections, I just wanted to add that I think it's wonderful that you have applied to adopt! :clap2:

[MENTION=7]Kazzy220[/MENTION] may also be able to give you some pointers as well. :up:
Thanks so much for wanting to adopt a Frenchie and [MENTION=46]Debra[/MENTION] has given you some good pointers. Good luck, and when you get your baby, please post some pics.
Thank you everyone for the pointers! I didn't want to lose out on a baby just because I didn't have equipment already for the potential pup (i.e. dog bowls, crate, beds, etc etc). I'm so keeping my fingers crossed and will definately post pics as soon as I have my little Frenchie!!!
Sorry I'm late to this ... not sure if you would have had your home visit done or not by now. When we do home visits we have a checklist for our volunteers to run through .... here are some of the things they are asked to cover ...

Are there stairs, and if so are they carpeted?

Is the home air conditioned?

Is there a pool? If so is it adequately fenced

So they have a secure fenced yard? If so, how is it fenced?

If no fence, will the dog be supervised whenever it is outisde, and how will the bulldog be exercised

Where will the dog stay during the day

Where will the bulldog sleep during the night

Are there dog doors present, if so can they be locked

Will the dog have run of the house, or will he be confined. If confined, where?

Does the home appear dog friendly

Is there adequate shade outside

Will the dog be left unattended outside

Is there adequate water supply

Was the home visit appointment easy to make? If not, why?

Was the entire family in attendance, if not why?

Do they have children? If so, are the children dog-aware and dog-friendly?

Has the family owned a bully before? If not, are they willing to learn?

Who is home during the day?

What dog food do they use?

What are their thoughts on discipline if house-breaking, inappropriate chewing/barking are issues?

If adopting/fostering a “dog aggressive” bully, what will they do to make the bully feel safe and secure at home and/or other places

When we ask a volunteer to do a home visit for us we get them to ask them this question ..... “Would I leave my own bulldog here and what would I want to see changed in the home before I would leave mine there?”

Hope that helps!!!
Very helpful Kazzy220. Thank you! Unfortunately, no home visit has been scheduled yet and we haven't heard anything from the rescue about the pup we applied for. :pouting::pouting: