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Apr 6, 2013
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Do you have a GREAT vet whom you absolutely wish that every other Frenchie owner could have them too?

Well, then recommend your vet here! :up:
North Penn Animal Hospital
Dr. Joe Rossi
1200 Welsh Rd
Lansdale, PA 19446
Dr Helen Ryan with buckeye veterinary services. In buckeye Arizona. I've worked with her for almost 3 years. She owns frenchies personally and did the c-section on the mother of my little frenchie Rupert! She is amazing and caring and not over priced and expensive. Everyone is like family who comes in, we remember your dogs and kitties and give them all the love and medical attention they need. Call 623-386-2532
We have an excellent bully vet, English and French. I recommend this vet to anyone in the Houston area. Dr. Dykeman is who we use.

Brittmoore Animal Hospital
1236 Brittmoore Rd.
Houston, TX 77043
We have an amazing bulldog vet! She is so knowledgeable with the breed that she is also great with frenchies! I wouldn't trust any of my bulldogs with anyone else now that we have found her!

VCA North Main Street Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Maryanne Sefchuk
1116 N Main St.
Brockton, MA 02301
(508) 584-1476
Our vet is also our breeder... she is very knowledgeable and passionate about the breed... Ha I know not many of you are near Upper Michigan but I had to share!

Country Vet
Dr Laurie Hammer
7359 Brampton 27.5 Road
Rapid River, MI 49878
These are such a wonderful group here in San Diego Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center

Dr. Bjorn Barre and Nora Flam Vet Tech are AWESOME!
Irvine Animal Hospital
4200 Trabuco Rd, Irvine, CA 92620
(949) 559-9988

I am new to using them as my boyfriend recommended them after we moved in together and I was not happy with my current vet.

I would also HIGHLY recommend my orthopedic specialist Dr. Eich at:

Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital
1371 Reynolds Ave
Irvine, CA 92614

(949) 833-9020

If you are in Southern California and you have an emergency or need a specialist this is the place to go. They are wonderful, unfortuately they don't see regular pets on a regular basis, only emergency and for specialists needs, but I wont take Ollie anywhere else if he has an emergency! When Ollie jumped down 2 stairs and landed on his left elbow he was screaming in pain for almost 2 mins non-stop. I was beside myself with fear and was crying. It was a Monday night at 8PM so our vet was not an option. So off we went to the emergency hospital. I called ahead and told them we were coming and when we got thru the doors they knew it was us and they rushed Ollie back to get him started on pain medication and xrays. They kept him overnight on the pain meds and did the surgery the next morning. He was in the hospital for 2 days. He now has 2 pins and one big screw holding his elbow together. He is good as new and healed VERY quicky. He was wanting to run around inside of 5 days after surgery. Keeping him quiet was a challenge.

I'm new here and we're picking up our frenchie this Saturday. We live in the Bay Area, more specifically, Contra Costa County. Does anyone know of a good vet in the area?

Thank you in advance!

I'm new here and we're picking up our frenchie this Saturday. We live in the Bay Area, more specifically, Contra Costa County. Does anyone know of a good vet in the area?

Thank you in advance!

Late response, sorry! But Barney and Russum (specifically Barney) in Fairfield are the Frenchie pros!! Love them, people drive hours to come and see them.

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Dr. Bill Benson with Advanced Veterinary Complex
501 E. Main Street
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Dr. Benson isn't our primary care vet. We are still looking for primary care. However he is an AMAZING surgeon. He was the doctor who performed Nacho's soft palate surgery. The price was fantastic and the quality was even better! Dr. Benson only uses lasers for the palate surgery and he is extremely successful. He cares for each of his patients like they were his own and he LOVES Frenchies!
The Animal Hospital at Reems Creek.... Dr. Ryan Hammonds. They love the Frenchies!

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If your dog has allergies or if your dog has an eye issue such as Cherry Eye. These specialists are in many major cities in the US such as Salt Lake City, Utah, Akron, OH,. Albuquerque, NM., Avondale, AZ., Campbell, CA., El Paso, TX., Fremont, CA., Fresno, CA., Gilbert, AZ., Girard, OH., Monterey, CA., Santa Fe, NM., Scottsdale, AZ., Spokane, WA., Tucson, AZ., Williston, VT.
They are Dermatology for Animals and Eye Care for Animals
1-877-604-8366 Excellent care, well worth the $!

Our regular vet is:
Copperview Animal Hospital
Dr. Nathan Stefanoff
12447 South Crossing Drive Suite 7
Riverton, Utah 84096
801-753-1165 tell 'em "Sergeant LaBounty" sent ya.

Cleanest place I've ever seen. The staff is excellent and Sarge is quite a star there. He goes for his spa bath on a regular basis and everyone knows and loves him. All the girls are his girl friends and he never looks back at us when we leave him, he just loves it there. They are the most reasonably priced vet I have ever been to. Dr. Stefanoff is knowledgeable, patient and fair. Best vet I ever had!!!!!
[MENTION=2]2bullymama[/MENTION] thank you for posting the above.

Dr. Pamela Schwartz is amazing. She did the palate and nare surgery on both my bulldogs. She understands the "special requirements" brachycephalic breeds have and addressed all my concerns.

She practices at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. It's a 24/7 not for profit hospital for research and education. They really have some of the best vets and equipment. There's a reason why they've been around for 100 years.
One of my bullies was diagnosed with Aspiration/Pneumonia and spent two nights there. The care was top notch. They saved his life. About The AMC | Animal Medical Center
Heartland Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Gheorghe Rotaru
Bay 300 2700 Main St. South
Airdrie, AB. T4B 2Y1

I've been taking my pugs (and now Frenchies) to Dr. George for almost 15 years. Lots of experience with flat-faced breeds.
ive lived in my area for almost 40 years and have been to every vet for 25 miles. the only one ive never, and mean never, had a problem with is Dr. Anita Green at Spirit Mountain in Bullhead City. now there is a new place that opened about year ago nearby and ive gone there a few times without any problems, but the tried and tested Spirit Mountain in Bullhead City is 40 year tested.
I HIGHLY recommend:

Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic
Dr. Jeremy Cohen
192-09 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows NY 11366

Dr. Cohen and his staff are EXTREMELY personable, thorough, knowledgeable, listen to you're concerns and don't make you feel dumb for asking questions, Erica (Vet Tech) is a Frenchie owner and lover. They make Rico feel like a king when he's there...

Check out their GLEAMING yelp reviews.

Home | Fresh Meadows Animal Clinic

Tell them Rico sent you!
DR OZ in West kelowna, British Columbia, Canada 😆

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