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Dec 29, 2013
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My family is adopting a 3 year old female french bulldog that came into the shelter I work at the other day and as I've never taken in an actual purebred (this one came in with papers) I was wondering if knowing her sire and dam might help with identifying possible health issues she could have. Right now she's got a very bad skin condition due to allergies, since I work in a shelter I get a good price on vet care and will be doing the allergy testing to find out asap the cause to try to clear it up sooner than later (vet said we could just do the 4 months on an RX diet). Her papers have her official name and parents, for all these other health issues that it seems this breed has, could I possibly contact the breeder or is there a way to research elsewhere about specific issues a family line may have?

I was also curious about pet insurance experience y'all might have. Since I already get a good price on vet bills would it be worth it? Since her allergies are already recorded, I believe those can't be claimed if pet insurance is like human ones?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
Welcome and thank you for helping this girl. I think you are right about the insurance. Getting her on a good diet and grooming care may help her allergy condition immensely. If she wasn't cared for well and groomed regularly she may just need some tlc if bacteria and yeast were allowed to take over her skin. Keep us posted on her progress please, would live to hear her story as she settles into a new living home.

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Welcome to you and good luck with your little Frenchie girl! I'd do what bullmama suggested to start out. She is probably stressed from being in a shelter and will need some time to adjust to her new home!
Hello and :welcome3: to FBN.... the breeder may tell you if anything is genetic but most times the issues you list are due to poor care and allergies so you are off to a good start with the allergy testing to get the issue identified.

Glad you found us and thank you for all you do in helping those babie in the shelter.... such great work you all do