safe chew toys?


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Apr 28, 2013
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I keep reading various articles about chew toys like bully sticks not being safe (bacteria) and nylabones breaking teeth.

Our frenchie LOVES nylabones but I don't want to risk her teeth breaking. We actually have a friend with a frenchie who had to get dental surgery recently due to nylabone chewing causing broken teeth.

What are people using for hard chew toys?
We use NylaBones, have for 45 years and no broken teeth (knock on wood)! Lots of people use elk and deer antlers but our vet advised against it because of splintering.
Hve used Nylabones fro about 8-9 years never a broken tooth.... we also use deer antlers.. never have splinter and the pups love them. Marrow bones and kongs are big favorites too
We use mainly nylabones and kongs. There are other great toys too but must be hard rubber and way to big for them to swallow.

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That's what we use too, is Nylabones and Kongs.
we have elk antlers, I suppose if they are old and brittle they may splinter, but ours are fresh and they are tougher than the Nylabone, we buy them too and they love both kinds, I find the Nylabone get little pieces chewed off , like crumbs that makes them cough
We use kongs and nylabones mostly.. We do get antlers too and never had one splinter so far!!