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Sep 13, 2013
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For those that brought a puppy home from a breeder. Did you send a blanket or stuffed toy to the breeder and ask that it be with the mom long enough to get her scent?
I sent a blanket and a toy. I am hoping it will make the new home a less frightening experience.
That's a good idea. I would have never thought of that!
I did not. Jax got shipped over from Oklahoma (to Seattle) when he was 11 weeks old. As soon we got the carrier and opened the door, it was like he knew we were his new family. He was never scared, shy or timid and walked around his new house like he owned it! He fit right in.
Pipers breeder sent us home with a stuffed toy, blanket and a bunch of other goodies. The blanket and toy had her mothers scent on it.
Thanks for sharing. I just want to make sure I have planned for any contingency as well as I can.
All of our EB puppies came with a receiving blanket and/or soft toy! Buster came with a littermate that was headed for a further destination!
I think that is a good idea, it can only help!
Never thought of it, but what a great idea to help the pup
I hope so. This way she will already have my scent and moms and litter mates when I get to go get her.
That's a good idea, plus if he cries the first night, put his crate next to your bed and hang from hand off the bed next to his crate so he can feel you. Once he goes to sleep, you can take your arm away. I don't know if you plan on crate training him, but it is the safest wy for them to be and they like their crates once they get used to them and when you are not at home they are safe in there and can't get into things they should not.
Thank you. As Happy Gilmore would say "Go to the Happy place" I do plan on crate training :)
When I was reading online, it seems that many breeders have started giving toys with the litter scent. I think its a great idea, you sound like a caring frenchie mom.