Skin bumps and NO itching...??


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Oct 15, 2013
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Hi! Im bubs mom! We are new to this forum!! HE is a 10 month old cream frenchie and spoiled rotten. I am going for allergy testing soon but was just wondering if ANYONE has had issues with bumps all over, but no itching??? The bumps make his fur stand up! I feed him fish, millet, green beans, sweet tato, apples...everything I think healthy for him. Any comments? Im also in south FL!!! :)
Hi and welcome to the board Bub's mom! I'm no help here, sorry, I'm still trying to adopt my Frenchie baby. I'm sure someone can help you though, they are very helpful and friendly here!! :welcome3:
Well sounds like its hives, give him a Benedryl. Just one 25 mg. it should help. He is allergic to something, and probably something he is eating. Finding out what is the challenge.
:hiya: and welcome to FBN!!

Does sound like hives so it could be environmental allergies. If you could post a picture we may be able to tell.
It could be something as simple as laundry detergent, fabric softener . It is a challenge figuring it out.
I've been having that same problem with my Mac Daddy also a cream color. We've tried a lot. (Different foods and medicine) Recently switched his food to blue buffalo basics salmon and it seems to be going away.

Hopefully you can find out what his allergic to.
Hi guys,
Pixie is now 7 months, I have noticed slight redness around her eyes and she seems to be rubbing her face on the carpet. I'm wondering if this is a food allergy and have heard that a raw kibble diet is good for allergies. I'm in the UK and any recommendations would be appreciated.