Apr 23, 2013
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Thought I would share Stella's latest naughtiness with you guys...

So we have a pantry in our kitchen....a glorified food closet. Whenever my girls get candy from something I usually take it and put it all in the same place and dole it out to them slowly so they don't overdo it. Well, it so happens that I still have easter candy in a basket (the grandparents really overdid it this year....we had about 6 baskets from all the family members) on the floor of the pantry. Usually the dogs don't go in there so I didn't even think about what could happen until...

I walked into the kitchen and found Stella cowing down, eating wrappers and all from the candy basket! She knew she was in trouble because she ran away from me when she saw me coming. Wrappers everywhere....sucker sticks...ugh. Surprisingly she didn't ever get sick or have bad poo (we are lucky because some of that crap could have made her really sick!)

Oh...she also didn't learn her lesson either because I caught her trying to carry off a mini three musketeers bar. Bad dog! :stinkeye:
Oh, smart little Stella. You're going to have to move the goodies up out of reach! Ruggles can let himself in and out of our pantry, too, but so far Buster hasn't. Sometimes Buster follows me in the pantry but not out. When he goes MIA that's usually where he is!
Stella! You naughty little girl! I always knew she was sweet!

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ROFL.. closet candy eater!!! LMAO

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