The pups at 4 months of age.


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Apr 6, 2013
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Gus sent this pic of Hazel's pups at 4 months of age. They are at the vets getting a checkup. They named the little boy Gordon and the little girl Ellen. Gordon is on the left. He is looking very nice right know and has a beautiful head. Ellen needs to grow into her ears, but she will before long. Gus is working with them and getting them ready for the ring in a few months. I'm excited to see how they will do. I'm sure they will do great, as did their older brother and sister, Ben and Adele did.

Gordon & Ellen 4 months old.jpg
Gordon and Ellen are so good looking. Gordon's head looks perfect to me, nice and square. I'm sure Ellen's face will fill out some, but she is adorable the way she is! Two winners!
Awwww soooo cute!

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Wow - They are gorgeous. I would never have thought Ellen's ears too big. I will have to go home and scrutinize ours. Not that it makes any difference, really....;)
They are so adorable!!! They will be show stoppers, I cannot wait to see them get their championships!

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[MENTION=193]winginit66[/MENTION]. Her ears really aren't too big, it just looks like that since her face hasn't filled out yet, but it will in a few months. LOL
Awww they have grown so much. Still as cute as ever. :)

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