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Jun 5, 2013
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I was wondering if anyone else's Frenchie does this. There are times when I will give Mayhem food or a treat and he will roll onto of it before he eats it. It isn't all the time or with any certain food. It's just random. He looks so funny when he does it. I just wondered if it's a Frenchie thing or just a Mayhem thing. :confused:
I'm thinking he wants to smell like it!

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First of all love the name Mayhem... All of our animals names start with a "M" and that is the name my husband picked out for our next dog (many many many years from now :))
And no, unfortunately I haven't seen my frenchie ever roll on her treats? We do have two other dogs though so maybe she doesn't because she doesn't want to lose it to the two bigger guys?
One of her favorite things to do with her toys, is the "humpback whale" dive on them.... Ha especially loud squeaky ones... She will run and then flip over on her back on top of them, like a humpback whale! ha They are very comical dogs aren't they?
Buster hasn't tried that one yet, none of our EBs have rolled on their treats either! Might just be a Mayhem thing! OR he was a cow dog in a former life??????
Sounds like you found one of your little frenchies quirks. Aren't they fun :heart:
My Frenchie has never done that and none of my EB do it either, they are too busy eating the treat. LOL
:hmm: interesting.... this demands video :D
My Frenchie has never done this. I also have a chihuahua anything fish or lamb flavored and he won't eat it but loves to roll in it.
Nop not that, Junie does tho pick up her food out of the bowl,drop it on the floor then eat it
I will definitely have to get a video of it. It's pretty comical. We love the weirdo that is Mayhem. Lol!
I will definitely have to get a video of it. It's pretty comical. We love the weirdo that is Mayhem. Lol!

:happy2: Can't wait to see that video! And, if we're lucky, maybe Lexi baby will be in it too! :) (LOVE my Boxers!)
Treats don't last long enough for rolling around here, but it does sound adorable. :)
Ok so I got a video that I will be posting. Stay tuned....
Ok. Video has been posted under a new thread in the photos/video section.

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