Tutorial: How to Embed a Video Into Your Post


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Apr 6, 2013
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First you have to have a youtube account.
Click upload

Click upload again

select which video you want, so it helps to know this before hand. If it's on a card, select that. If it's already on your computer...select that.

Click on the video and the download will start. During the loading, you can enter in any information you want. The progress of the loading is shown as arrow 1. Change the title of your video and add a description by arrow 2. Arrow 3 is a great option. It allows for you to choose who sees the videos. If I'm posting a video specifically for this site, I will select only the people with the link are allowed to see it. That way, someone who finds Vegas's seizure video thru a search, will not be able to view my mom's breast cancer video. Arrow 4 is where you want to click once all the info is entered. Once the video is completed. You will see "100%" above the video and below the video.

Once the video is loaded, you will receive your unique URL for that video. Copy it for a paste....

The next step is to insert it into your post. You simply do this by clicking this little icon....

Paste it in the space provided....


Your video should appear like the one below.

Tutorial courtesy of Vegas Howard.