Tutorial: Tag a member to READ THIS THREAD!


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Apr 6, 2013
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Above every forum thread above the first post is a box that says "Tag a user to read this thread".

What this does is a little bit different then using the @ mentions or quoting a member. This allows you to notify someone of a thread you want them to specifically read or respond to.

They will get a notification that is different then being mentioned or quoted, it will say "Read This Thread!".

Why is this helpful or different then just using the @ mention?

Many of the members here get 'called upon' very often for help or important mentions. In these cases, for example my mentions only go back so far and I think I miss many of them. But if I were tagged, I would know these are threads that need my assistance and would try to get to them asap.

Tagging members also does not use up a post just for mentioning a member who can help.

Now why don't you give it a go? Let's play tag!