I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Vanessa~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Wisconsin


Apr 23, 2013
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Age: 7
Sex: female
Weight: 29 lbs
Kids: No
Cats: No
Dogs: No
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $250

A perfect day for Vanessa would include at least one car ride. She also loves to lie aound, usually right by her person's feet or as close as she can. If she is not by her person she is normally chewing on her Nylabone or antler. She also loves stuffed animals and will carry them around and show them to her people. Above all, this gal just wants to spend some quality time with her people. When she sees her favorite person she smothers them with kisses and wants to be hugged and cuddled. Overall, Vanessa is at her best when living a quiet, simple life.

Vanessa is deaf.

Vanessa is a dominant gal and does not enjoy being around other pups or cats. She is very happy to be with her adult owners but may have a tendency to want to guard, therefore she should not live with children or other pets. She loves to lie around, but if her human moves she wants to be with them. She absolutely loves to go for her morning walks. This sassy girl walks about a mile every day! Hey, a girl's got to keep up her figure!

Vanessa is very gentle with her people. Her foster mom can take any food or toy from her, trim her toenails, brush her teeth, clean her ears, brush her, and after all that pick her up and get kisses. She will let her foster mom do anything to her. Vanessa loves hands-on attention. Vanessa has no bite history. When she was frightened by the child in her previous home, she attempted to leap at her but no bite took place. After that time she focused on that child to the degree that her family became concerned and decided to return her to FBRN. We think she'd do best in a quiet home, no kids, no teens, no surprises.

Vanessa is housebroken and crate trained. She sleeps in her crate at night, though she would prefer to sleep in bed with her new family. She also eats in her crate and is kept in her crate when unsupervised. Vanessa attended obedience classes in 2011 and understands sit and down with hand signals and treats.

Vanessa is looking for a home with a single person or a couple. They need to live a fairly quiet lifestyle. She does not do well with a lot of excitement going on. She is perfectly happy in her crate and can go there if there is too much activity. She has been fine with adult guests coming to her foster home but should be put away if children are there. Her new family should be familiar with dogs but first time Frenchie owners would be ok. She breathes very well but does snore some. She can go for walks but not more than a mile due to her hemi-vertebrae precautions. She is a very easy and loving dog to live with.

Vanessa loves her fenced in yard at her foster home. Her new home should also have a fenced in yard. She does love to go for walks but a new owner needs to watch her when encountering other dogs. She could live in the city or the country, but she needs to be confined outdoors in some way due to her deafness. Deaf dogs cannot be called back, and if they escape the house or yard they are far less likely to survive traffic or other lost-dog-situations than hearing dogs.

Vanessa can go to work with her new family, but she would prefer to have someone that is with her at home all day. Her foster mom has left her for as long as 5 hours in her crate. After 5 hours she needs to be out of her crate for an extended period of time. If she goes to the office she would need to be in a crate or a room. She likes to lay in her bed but too much action might make her anxious. She does not hear so noises do not bother her.

Vanessa does have a few health concerns. Vanessa has mild dry eye - she is on 2 different eye drops and her new owners will need to continue with these drops for the rest of her life. Vanessa does see well, but she is deaf. She is also currently on a prescription diet for urinary infections. She has had high PH which causes her to be prone to urinary infections. The prescription food helps prevent infections. Vanessa has a hemi-vertebrae that new owners need to be aware of. It does not presently, and has not in the past, give her any problems, but to prevent issues her new owners will need to keep her in good shape, walking and feeding the proper amounts and not allowing her to jump down from furniture or high places.

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