What is the best supplement to give frenchies?


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Aug 11, 2013
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Hello all! I recently started my frenchie on a home cooked diet. While I know that adding a variety of different doggy approved veggies into the food provides nutrients, I am nervous about him not receiving all the nutrition he needs. I was wondering if anyone has suggestion of a good supplement to add to his food?

Thank you for your help!
Sorry guys, I am new here and just saw the forum topic for raw diets and home cooked food. :ashamed: I should have posted this question there! My bad!
:welcome: glad you joined us! There is so many beneficial supplements. I personally give Nuvet supplement along with salmon oil, but there is much more to choose from. As far as home cooking goes, I would certainly not do it without the Nuvet or another good one like Hardypet.

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Great thank you so much for the input! I am going to look into getting some Nuvet.