Wilson update


Aug 20, 2013
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Hi everyone. Just wanted to give you all a quick update on Wilson. He is eating fairly well, playing with sisters and enjoying outside time when it warms up enough. I did go against vet's directions and am feeding him the Blue puppy Canned food rather than the low fat Rx food. At least he is eating. Who wants low fat, right? Not me!!!! I have not seen that he has put on any weight yet but he is keeping everything down.

Olivia is a total ham. She tries to do everything Gidget does including jump up on a chair. Which is really a hoot when she leaps from 2 ft back. I think her other ear will be all the way up within the next day. I took a couple of pics yesterday but have pretty much been in bed sleeping with a horrible cold. I will try to post them later today.

I am totally jealous :) I wish I had a house full of frenchie babies! I swear someone should have warned me before I got Marg that this breed is addicting :)
I'm with [MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION]...I'm so jealous! A house full of Frenchies sounds wonderful.
So happy to hear he is coming along.... hope the weight starts to build too!

Feel better soon and look forward to more pictures of the gang
I am so glad Sweet Wilson is progressing. As long as Wilson can digest the fat I see no problem. You've got to feed him what he will eat. At some point you might want to consider cooking special food for him.
I'm looking forward to Olivia pictures, and Gidget, too! Take care!
[MENTION=10]Alice Kable[/MENTION] Yes, I will be glad when I can cook for him. I cook for our other dogs so that wouldn't be an issue. And guess what... he has gained 2 oz as I weighed him today. So Yeah!!! progress!!
I am happy he is doing better and has gained some weight. :2thumbs: he is a cutie.
Aww, so happy to hear he is progressing! I'm with Trish! I never knew this breed could be so addicting! :)

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He is doing so well because of his great mama!