Wilson weighs almost 5.5 lbs!

:goodjob: He looks so good, Anne! You are a super Frenchie mom!
Yay...excellent news!
Way to go Wilson!!!! :2thumbs:
He has also discovered he can bark. It is so funny. I am stressing about how much to feed him, is it too much, etc., etc. etc. I have just upped him from 1/3 cup dry kibble to 1/2 cup. In the mornings he gets dry only and at dinner he gets the Blue Buffalo canned (probably about 1/3 cup) and some dry mixed in. He is down to the Nexium only. Not sure he will ever be able to be medication free, but we will see. Mike and I are so excited that he is doing really well and playing all out with his sisters.
YEAH!! :jumping; so happy he is doing so well.... good work!